‘Youth Zone’ is a club formed by Alcohol and Drug Information Center (ADIC), to create an environment where the youngsters enjoy and have fun by implementing alcohol and tobacco prevention activities. Because still some youngsters tend to do outdated activities since they are trapped by alcohol and tobacco industries. So the members of ‘Youth Zone’ organize after O/L DJ party in every year.

On 26th of January 2014 the members of ‘Youth Zone’ club successfully held the after O/L DJ party for the 3rdconsecutive year at Aesthetic Centre Colombo from 2.p.m onwards. Around 200 participants enjoyed the event and had unlimited fun. The main purpose of organizing this DJ by ‘Youth Zone’ is to convey the message and make the youngsters aware on ‘how to get a real fun without Alcohol’.

Celebrities such as Solangi (Miss Sri Lanka 2013) joined the event to make it more glamorize.   Many items were held during the event such as Balloon dance, DJ King and Queen, Best Dancer, Couple dance etc, which everyone enjoyed. More than 50new members joined the club on that day.

Especial thanks go for ‘Youth Zone’ members, Xtream Youth, Youth on Move Photographers, Channel C, Aesthetic Centre, DJ Mahesh and for all the participants who participated and supported for the DJ party 2014 to make the event a success.