Training & Accommodation Facilities

Training Facilities

ADIC training room has seating capacity for 25 persons, and we provide a magi board, multi media facilities and can arrange other conveniences such as lunch and tea with snacks. The location is convenient and close to the High Level Road and the Galle Road.

Accommodation facilities

Our accommodation is comfortable and we can offer room facilities for 30 people, with separate rooms for men and women. Bed tea and breakfast can be provided on request.

Residential and training facility charges

Training Hall
First 8 hours Rs. 5000.00 (working Days)
First 8 hours Rs. 5500.00 (noworking Days)
Every Additional hour Rs. 500.00
Accommodation up to 30 persons with A/C
Board Room
First 8 hours Rs. 3000.00 (working Days)
First 8 hours Rs. 4000.00 (noworking Days)
Every Additional hour Rs. 500.00
Accommodation up to 12 persons with A/C
Projector, Projector Screen & Sounds
First 8 hours Rs. 4500.00 (working/non working Days)
Every Additional hour Rs. 500.00
Others Facilities
Breakfast Rs. 160.00
Morning Tea Rs. 120.00 (with snack)
Evening Tea Rs. 120.00 (with cake)
Lunch Special Rs. 300.00 (without dessert)
Lunch Special Buffet Rs. 1000.00 (with dessert)
Lunch Normal Rs. 250.00 (without dessert)
Lunch Normal Rs. 290.00 (with dessert)
Lunch Normal Buffet Rs. 600.00 (with dessert)
Dinner Special Rs. 350.00
Normal Rs. 300.00
Accommodation Rs. 500.00
For 27 person – Bunk Beds (Per day – Per Person)

A Service Charge of 10% will be added to the total bill.

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