I’m a postman and I live in Thissamaharamaya.I used to smoke about ten cigerettes per day.I used my whole salary on ciggeretes.When I didn’t have money to smoke  I borrowed money.I ignored the pleads of my wife and children asking me to stop smoking. One day I met Ms.Renuka from Randunuwatta Janashakthi Bank who do prevention work in our area.She asked me whether I smoke.So I told her that I usually smoke minimum of ten ciggerettes per day.After calculating, she showed me the cost I have spent on cigerettes per day,week ,monthly and yearly.I realized how much I have wasted on cigerettes .Meanwhile my son started to say “ dad,you stink and that hurt me the most.

On the other day of our staff meeting I quit smoking.I bought a bicycle from that money.I pay for the bicycle loan and petrol by saving the money I used to spend on cigerettes .Now I have money in my pocket .My son doesn’t say I smell bad and my wife says I look better after quitting smoking.

k. A. Lakmal