If you are planning of entering the world of public health or social work, an internship at ADIC could be the ideal start for you.

The objective of the internship is to give you a top level training period with overall exposure to field work, research and theoretical studies in the working environment of ADIC. You will be part of our team and make it a great beginning for an inspiring career opportunity. We will reward you with an academic transcript according to your purpose.

Story of the past intern :

In June 2015 I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I decided to travel and do my internship at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka (Colombo) as a social worker, in the part of the world that is far away from my home country and totally unknown to me. Despite confusion and feeling lost in a different culture, I knew this was the best thing I did so far in my life after being there for just a few weeks. Leaving Sri Lanka after five weeks was heartbreaking for me, that is why I decided I needed to come back as soon as possible.

After finishing my Master’s Degree in Social Work I started planning my trip back and searched for some volunteer work. I consider myself very lucky, because I got the opportunity to join the ADIC team in Colombo and started working at the end of February 2016.

During my education process at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), I gained knowledge about prevention of alcohol, tobacco and addiction to other drugs, but I had not had the opportunity to join any organization that is working in this field or to talk with people who are using mentioned substances.

Throughout my experience as a volunteer at ADIC, I have visited different sections of the organization and interacted with staff members (for example: The Social Mobilization Programme, Human Development and Innovative Intervention, Youth and Innovative Programme, Policy Advocacy…), who shared their knowledge and working experiences with me.

My biggest interest was in the programme called »Heroin Users to be Free from Drugs«. I started off by being introduced to the team that is working in this section and learned some basic information about activities, myths and realities about heroin use. At that point I already learned many new things and was impressed with their working methods.

In the following days I joined the team of field workers, with whom I went to Negombo, where we visited the Drop-In-Centre and interacted with more than ten ex- or current heroin users. I witnessed the working method, in discussions with ex- and current users, be it in one on one discussions or group discussions. I learned about their methods of motivation and discussions about obstacles in overcoming heroin use and how to help them reinforce their thoughts of quitting.

I found this approach very helpful and reciprocal, because it helps current users quit heroin use and it strengthens the ex- users by helping others.

Field work in Negombo

Working with the ADIC team was an invaluable experience for me. It was a great opportunity to grow as a person and to gain working skills in drug use related field. My involvement as a volunteer in ADIC has helped me understand drug use and the struggle in the process of reducing or quitting heroin use, as well as I learning about support that they need in this life-changing decision.

I will continue my work as a social worker in Slovenia in the future and use all the knowledge and methods that I gained within experience at ADIC.

It was a unique privilege to be a part of the ADIC team.

Thank you and see you soon.