In 2015 Colombo Youth Zone was organized a youth event called FLY. Based on the following objectives, To make them understand and realize the symbolic meanings attached to alcohol use, To reduce the expectations of pleasure on alcohol use, To recognize the attributed behaviors attached to alcohol use, To reduce the negative image attached to non‐use or light alcohol use, To reduce the attractiveness and the image of alcohol use among youngsters, To promote Youth Zone club

This event was organized to prove that the youth can have unlimited fun while enjoying the event and the after party without alcohol, tobacco and any other drug. The event was conducted among the youth groups between the age of 16 to 21 in Colombo district.

Under this event, there are few games to escalate youth’s cooperation in the event. Games are as follows:

  • Treasure hunt (Around the Colombo in 90 minutes)
  • Dance Battle
  • Paper Dance

This event was held at the premises of Kaladoowa, Gangaramaya under the theme “Who said alcohol is fun” on 11th of September 2015 from 3.00pm onwards.