Digital Stories competition is a way for amateurs to make movies and compete against others, using their creativity and prevention knowledge. Competition is open only for participants, age below 25 years in IT field.

Objectives : To reduce the attractiveness and image of alcohol


The competitors have to create a digital movie clips using any software, not exceeding 45 seconds under one theme of “Who said alcohol is fun?”

To promote these completion promotional campaigns were conducted in IT departments of schools, universities, IT tuition classes and IT centers island wide.  Three criteria were considered. 1 Understand the concept, 2. Creativity, 3. Technicality.

Apart from the trainings, campaigns were launched on posters, leaflets and banners. Email and face book campaigns too were a potential method used to publicize our competition.

After the submissions all the digital clips were review and best 25 clips were selected. On the day of grand finale the 25 clips were screened with the participants of media personals, celebrities, academics and professionals.  Winners were awarded with prizes.


1008 short movies received for the Competitions.  Participants had realized the image built for alcohol, symbolic meaning attached to alcohol and how alcohol company promote their product using media. Professionals from film industry, corporate sector, many media personals and celebrities engaged in the process form that they were able to get the knowledge of alcohol industry.

620 Tv advertisements, 950 Radio and 147 News paper were received free of charge. Advertisements are worth   USD 57,392.31.