Alcohol and Illicit Drugs

Title: Alcohol and Illicit Drugs

Year of Publication: 1993

Author: Dr.Hans Olav Fekjaer

Subject: Myths and Realities

Summary: Intoxicants have symbolic and ritualistic significance and they are widely used to provide excuses for social ineptitude, poor performance and bad behavior.

Dr.Hans Olav Fekjaer, strongly challenges the conventional wisdom regarding alcohol and illicit drugs. He promotes the view-supported by research evidence-that there are obvious non-pharmacological explanations of the apparently “magic” influence of intoxicants and that the pharmacological effects on mood and behavior are non-specific and for the most part emotionally neutral or unpleasant.

The book also describes how the subjective influence of alcohol and other drugs, and behavior they allegedly induce, can be changed by undermining widely held beliefs about their effects.

It substantiates the emerging view that the “magic” or “pleasurable” experiences commonly ascribed to alcohol and other drugs have little to do with their chemical action.